Welcome to Authentic Pathways.

Here, you’ll find articles about spirituality, Reiki, divination, animal communication and teachings, and a blog with general ramblings about all these things, and life in general.

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I have a genuine desire to help others on their path. I do this through intuitive card readings and other forms of divination. As well as Tarot and Oracle card reading, I also dabble in cartomancy, runes, and charm casting.

My journey started many years ago, but the turning point was when I spent two years living on an island in Thailand and slowly, but surely, something awakened inside me. Lots of quiet time led to meditation, this led to yoga, and this led to becoming interested in Hindu mythology and Buddhism. Whilst I’m now neither Hindu or a Buddhist, this interest inevitably led to an increase in spiritual awareness. What followed was heaps more reading, more meditation and an unquenchable thirst for more knowledge.

I moved back to England, and after a series of uncanny events, I woke up one morning with a VERY strong desire to learn to read Tarot cards. This ties in wonderfully with my meditation practice and learning to improve my intuition. I’m also in love with the artwork on Tarot cards and learning about the symbolism on each card is simply fascinating.
I’ve always loved helping people and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction when I can help someone, or at least shed light on an area that for them, needs a little focus.

I still meditate regularly, am always reading and studying Tarot and Oracle cards, and have a growing collection of crystals. I’ve had an odd journey, but I’m hoping that sharing it here will give others the confidence to explore their feelings and spirituality, and find the path that satisfies their soul craving, as I have.

‘Authentic Pathways’ refers to the journeys that we each take in order to discover ourselves, the lessons we learn along the way, the tools we use on that journey, and the path to ultimately finding our true selves, our authenticity.
And all the roads that lead us in this direction are … authentic pathways.