I work in London (for just 3 days a week, thanks goodness), in a fancy building. It has its own receptionist downstairs, fresh flowers delivered every other day for the front office, free tea and coffee, and your own ‘office manager’. It also has fancy toilet lights…What I mean by that, is that the minute you step into the ‘Ladies’ (if no one is in there already), the lights come on automatically for you. So, in other words, the room is in total darkness and you have to actually step INTO the room in order for the automatic lighting system to come on. This got me thinking…

Isn’t life sometimes a bit like that too? We arrive at a point, facing the darkness. Then we become paralysed, paralysed with the fear of the unknown. What’s in there? How am I going to handle it? What’s going to happen? But we continue to stand there, facing the darkness, unable to move. What we need to actually do, is step forward. Yup! Step forward INTO the darkness.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m been in some pretty dark places that have required a cocktail of medication to pull me out of, so I’m not saying this is going to be easy all of the time. But what I AM saying, is that sometimes we have to step up to what we fear, in order for us to actually SEE it for what it is. It’s like facing your demon and finding it isn’t anywhere near as large and scary as you thought it was.

And when you step forward and that light comes on, you can look around and see what you need to do, how you’re going to handle it and what is going to happen. You’re back in control, you can do it. Go!

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