As I write this, I’m getting ready for Full moon on Friday 22nd April. Using my ‘Deluxe Moon App’, I’m able to see exactly when the moon will be at her fullest and the night sky will be flooded with a beautiful soft white light – providing it’s not overcast, which is often is here in the UK.

The Full Moon is a time of great energy, and many people say that feel more emotional than usual at this time of the month. It has also been said that hospitals and doctor’s surgeries receive a noticeable increase in the number of patients around full moon which suggests that it plays a part, somehow, in our well-being. Well, we’re more than 70% water aren’t we? And we all know what effect  the moon has on large bodies of water (or didn’t you pay attention in school when they taught about the tides and the moon!)

The Full moon is a great time to let go of anything that no longer serves you. This could be destructive thought patterns, old clothes, relationships, jobs, bad moods or even an aspect of yourself that you’ve outgrown. It might not even be a physical release, it might just be a figurative release.

For instance, you currently live in an apartment and can’t afford to move out at the moment. But it makes you feel horrible and you don’t like to feel trapped. You write down your thoughts, concerns and worries, place the paper under the full moon and imagine the moon’s rays removing all the bad feelings and vibes. The next day, you burn the piece of paper (somewhere safe, don’t make me lecture you on fire safety!) and watch those concerns, worries and thought float away. That is a simple full moon ritual to rid yourself of bad feelings and will go some way to help you to feel a bit better about a situation that you cannot control.

The full moon energy usually lasts from 2 days before the full moon, until 2 days afterwards, so you’ve got a nice big window of moon-time to work with. Schedule some time to have a clear out of all your old clothes, do your annual spring clean, or simply spend longer in the bath than usual, all with the intent of ridding yourself of anything that is old and not longer useful. Think about things which you can let go off, and concentrate on refreshing and simplifying your life.

Full moon is also an excellent time to ‘cleanse’ objects or people. Just like it’s used for ridding you of things which are no longer useful, it also has the ability to cleanse you, or objects, from negative energy. I’m not saying that we’re all filled with negative energy, but just the same as you shower or bath every day, even though you’re not completely dirty, the full moon acts as an energy cleanser. I lay out all the crystals or decks that I’m currently working with, on a window sill that I know gets a good few hours of moonlight. As I’m placing them there, I make clear the intent that I would like them to be cleansed and re-energised. I leave them overnight to have a nice relaxing bath and put them away the next day.

Simple – and yet so effective. Give it a try!

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