I’ve always loved animals, but, since I did my Reiki I course back in July 2015, I’ve had some really interesting experiences, for example, the night I dreamt of a crow, and then one followed me the next day! Through these many experiences, I’ve really been led to believe that my future path is meant to somehow involve animals.

Recently, after a series of vivid animal dreams, I wrote down a list of all the animals I’d dreamt of. Horses, cows, dragons, spiders, dogs, butterflies, bears, snakes, there were just loads! Then, sitting with the list, I thought to myself, “Why have I dreamt of this animal? If they were each able to give me a message, what would it be?”

I then wrote down what I thought the message would be, and before I knew it, I had a list of about 30 animals, each with their own message. I decided then and there to create a set of cards that people could draw on for inspiring messages, direct from the animals. Since each message started with “Be…”, I called the deck of cards, ‘Simply Be’.

The dreams continued and often involved me helping an animal, being concerned about an animal’s welfare, or an animal coming to me for help. This, I believe, is a call to do Animal Reiki, which is something I will be exploring in the near future. You can find more about that on my Reiki page.

The draw to working with animals is ever-increasing and recently I created a Tarot/Oracle reading that identifies an animal that is currently in someone’s life, and highlights what lessons they’re currently trying to help that person learn. This reading includes factual, as well as mythological information about the animal. This information is there to help people better understand, and therefore connect with their current spirit animal guide.

Because of my recent dreams and my connection to animals, I’m also very interested in any dreams about animals. I’m only too happy to sit for hours with my journal figuring out the messages that are coming from an animal that I’ve dreamt of. This is a service which I am thinking about bringing to my shop in the near future so keep checking back.