Divination: the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. Synonyms: fortune telling, divining, forecasting the future, prophecy, prediction, soothsaying.

Divination is a wonderful visual brainstorming tool that is fun and informative. It’s an intuitive way to help people move forward, discover more about themselves, discover what things they need to focus on, and how to build on their strengths. I know some people frown on ‘predicting the future’, but it isn’t all bad – we all ‘predict the future’ on a daily basis anyway, guessing ‘who is going to snog who’ at the Christmas party; what the weather is going to be on the weekend; etc.

Actually, if you think about it, people predict the future everyday. The weatherman predicts the weather ‘based on the current trend‘; the economists predict what the exchange rate is going to be ‘based on the current trend‘; bankers predict the inflation rate ‘based on the current trend‘; and even friends and family predict the future ‘based on the current trend‘, i.e. predicting that you’re going to marry your boyfriend.

Let me give you a real life example. If you ate cream cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I bet you I could predict YOUR future ‘based on the current trend‘.
I would point this out to you, tactfully of course, something like,
“Hey my friend. I notice you’re eating cream cakes all day. Man! You’re going to be a bloater if you don’t cut that out!!”.
You would then have the power to decide if you wanted to change or not. Your response might be…
“Actually, Colleen, I quite like eating cream cakes and I don’t care if I get fat”     or     “Yes, I guess you’re right. It wouldn’t hurt to eat a salad now and again.”

The power is always with YOU. While divination tools can tell you what the ‘likely’ outcome is going to be ‘based on the current trend‘, if you don’t like it, you can change it.

There are various different methods of divination, the most popular being Tarot and Oracle cards. But there is also charm casting, bone throwing, cartomancy (where people use normal playing cards), bibliomancy (which is the practice of foretelling the future by interpreting a randomly chosen passage from a book, especially the Bible), pendulums, reading tea leaves, reading runes, palmistry (reading palms), phrenology (which is the the detailed study of the shape and size of the cranium as a supposed indication of character and mental abilities), and many, many more. Using the example of the cream cakes above, I wonder if that would be ‘cake-o-mancy’…

There are hundreds of methods of divination. Don’t believe me? Check out this list.

Tarot and Oracle Cards
Tarot and Oracle card reading is probably the most popular form of divination. Quite simply, you use a deck of cards with illustrations on to work out what is going on in a situation, how to move forward, where your strengths lie, etc. It isn’t ALWAYS used for predicting the future. There are a multitude of other uses for Tarot that don’t involve predicting the future at all! Check these out:

  • You can use the cards to build characters for storytelling and novel writing
  • You can choose a card that has the qualities you want to develop, i.e. patience, strength or courage, and use that card in meditation.
  • You can choose a card with a scene that you want to have, i.e. love or wealth, and pray for it, using whatever method suits you
  • You can collect Tarot decks because you love the artwork (okay, that might just be me). There are 1000’s of different Tarot decks out there, each with their own theme. Cats, Egyptian, fairies, dragons, dogs, quantum physics, trees, druid and Celtic symbolism, angels, saints, Jesus himself, gods and goddesses, flowers, animals, and many more.
    (PS. the links to the Angel and Jesus decks above aren’t sponsored.)

Read my blog post with an amusing take on Tarot here.

You can use the same charms that you would buy to put on a charm bracelet, to create a little charm-casting set to ‘sense the surrounding energies’ of something. Creating it will mean it is personal to you. A heart charm for love, a key for ‘unlocking or locking’ things, a boat for travelling, an angel for your spiritual journey, etc. You get the idea, right? Throw the charms and see how they land and judging from which ones land where, you can ‘read’ them. This is similar to what the ‘Sangomas‘ of Southern Africa do with animal bones and stones.

Runes are an ancient form of writing that is made up of individual characters, just like our alphabet. Each character has a sound and although this formed part of an ancient means of communicating, the pieces are also used for divination. Each character is carved, traditionally onto a piece of wood, but pretty much anything, and thrown pretty much like the charms or bones.

The runes are written characters/letters that were used by the Norse and other Germanic peoples before the adoption of the Latin alphabet way back in the Middle Ages. In Norse mythology, it was the god Odin that first obtained the runes.
In the centre of the Norse universe, stands a great tree called Yggdrasil. Its upper branches hold Asgard, the home of the gods and goddesses. From his throne, Odin would watch the Norns, 3 maidens that were able to influence the course of destiny, carving runes into the trunk of the great tree. Odin yearned to have this power and wisdom, so hung himself from one of the tree’s branches, pierced himself with his spear, and stayed there for 9 days and nights, when finally he at last understood them. They had revealed not only their forms, but also their secrets. Now Odin was the most accomplished being in the universe.
People who use runes are called ‘runecasters’. They will argue that they don’t ‘tell the future’ but merely point out a likely outcome based on a current trend.

This is a form of divination using playing cards. It’s similar to Tarot and Oracle card reading in that you use the images on the face of the playing cards to interpret the reading. I have done a course and it is a fascinating and interesting subject. You’ll never look at a deck of playing cards in the same way again.
If you’d like to learn more, click here to do the same online course that I did. Kristen, the course creator and tutor, is not only an incredible reader, she’s also an amazing deck creator and is ‘fluent’ in many different forms of divination.