My online shop is hosted by Etsy who provide a safe, secure environment not only for me to sell my products, but also for people to buy them. Below are the current readings I have on offer. Keep checking back though, as I refresh the shop regularly by either removing some readings or adding new monthly or themed readings, e.g. Valentines Day, Halloween, Celtic Tree Astrology, etc.

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Life Overview £25
The classic tarot reading spread giving you a vast general overview of things as they are now, giving pointers of things to watch out for, and how you can learn from lessons in your past. If you’ve not got a specific question, and just want something ‘general’, this is the reading for you. Giving you an overview of all areas of your life, this 11+ card reading can be used for any situation.

Past Life Reading £22.50
This reading  reveals details about one of your past lives. The environment you were born into, the stages throughout your life, what lessons you learnt and much more.

The Year Ahead  £20
This reading is broken down into 12 monthly sections (plus one overall theme card), and analyses the energy surrounding each month. It can be started at any time of the month or year.

Spirit Guide Reading £20
After its great success on Instagram last month, this multiple-card spread is now on offer here. Revised and extended, now using both Tarot AND Oracle cards, this spread works on identifying one of your spirit guides. We discover the gender, some personality traits, what lessons they’re here to teach you, and how you can help learn those lessons.

What is my spirit animal? £15
During our lives, various animals come to us to help us learn specific lessons. This isn’t the same as a totem animal which is with us throughout our whole lives, but rather an animal that is only there to help us through a particular period in our life.
This reading is used to identify which animal is present with you right now and what lessons it is trying to help you with.
If you’d like the mini-version of this reading, check it out here.

Trouble in Paradise £15
This is a reading is used to analyse what is causing problems in a relationship. It checks what both partners give, and want from the relationship, as well as what is causing any problems, and what is a possible bridge to solving those problems.

The Month Ahead £10
This reading is broken down in 4 weekly sections (plus one overall theme card), and analyses the energy surrounding each week. It can be started at any time of the week or month.

Soul’s Journey Lessons £12
This is a spread which uses the deck ‘Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards’. Each card shows a lesson for your soul to learn on its special journey through life. This reading will highlight 4 of these lessons for you to concentrate on and how you can incorporate them into your life.

Ask the Oracle Reading £10
This is a short, general reading which can be used for most situations.  I will intuitively select an oracle deck that best suits the energy of the reading, or the question itself.

Animal Horoscope  £15
This reading is based on the Native American animal horoscope. Instead of Aquarius, or Virgo, or Scorpio, there are signs like Otter, Bear and Woodpecker. See what your sign is, some characteristics, and get a 4 week energy outlook for that animal sign. This can be done at any time of the year.

Looking for Love £10
This reading is used to see how you can attract love into your life. It will analyse what things are blocking you, what can help you, and various things that you need to do in order to open yourself up to love.

Your Message from the Trees £10
The Celts, particularly the druids recognised that a person born within a certain season would develop certain qualities. They also made note of the patterns in the person’s life according to the moon (their calendar was based on a lunar year). A system of tree astrology developed out of this natural connection with the druid’s knowledge of earth cycles and their reverence for the sacred knowledge held by trees.

What is my spirit animal (mini) £5
This is a mini version of the Animal Teachings reading. It is short and sweet and is generally just under one page of information from an animal spirit guide that is in your life right now in order to help you through something or help you with some sort of life lesson.

Messages from Spirit the Cat £2.50
A fun (but it could be serious!) message from the very spiritual Siamese cat, Spirit. You’ll get half a page of wisdom and you never know what tidbits of wisdom they’ll be!

The Love Reading £22.50
This reading is used to check on the status of an existing relationship or to see how a new relationship is going to work out.
It will show you what the relationship’s challenges or blocks are, how you can strengthen the bond between you, what to avoid that will weaken the bond, your comparability in various areas and the potential outcome of the relationship.
If you’re single and would like some help analysing what you can do to improve your chances of finding love, check out my ‘Looking for Love’ reading which can be found here.

Cheap and Cheerful £5
This is a short one card reading for those on tight budgets. Ask your question and I’ll draw one card to give you some insight into your situation. I have a variety of different Oracle Decks that I can use and I will choose one intuitively.

Uniquely for you £25
This reading is a totally unique reading designed just for you. It will be designed after a quiet meditation to gain guidance, and based on any information you’ve given to me about your situation. It can be used for absolutely anything from problems with your parents, to career problems, to love problems, to animals problems., to life purpose questions, absolutely anything!!
The number of cards used can range from anywhere between 8 – 15, and the cards and decks will be chosen intuitively after the meditation.