Work Hours
I currently only offer email readings but will be expanding to recorded readings and Skype readings in the near future. I work Mondays and Thursdays, and half day Saturdays. My diary fills up quickly, but currently all readings will be scheduled 48 hours after your payment has been received, and usually are completed 3-5 days after payment.

Payment and Delivery Policy
Payment must be received in full before the reading can commence. Once you have paid, you are fully committed to the reading and cannot cancel. That’s simply not fair in business (or private).

Payments can be done via my Etsy shop or via Paypal.
For Etsy, simply make your purchase via my shop.
For Paypal, if you’re outside the UK, please ask for a quote in your currency as the exchange rates can change on a daily basis.
After deciding which reading you want, email me here with your email address and I will reply with a Paypal invoice.

Reading Format
Your reading will arrive in a PDF document (portable document format) directly to the inbox of the email address you specify. Along with your reading, it will contain an explanation of your cards, and a photo of the layout. (You will need Adobe Reader to read the PDF document – available free online here).

Each reading is done by me and is most definitely NOT computer generated.

Before I read for you, I meditate for a short while thinking about you and your question. I ground myself using candles, incense and crystals. I approach each reading in a kind, helpful, and non-judgmental way.

I do not offer refunds due to the nature of my products.  If you do have any complaints about your reading, please contact me and we can work together to resolve any issues that you have.

Privacy Statement
All readings provided are treated with the strictest confidence. I will never share any of your personal information (readings, contact details, email address, personal details, etc) with anybody else, for any reason, and for any price. Ever!

Based on this, when you purchase a reading from me, you agree that you will not hold me responsible for the actions you take as a result of my reading.

Absolute ‘predictions’ will not be made, I will only suggest possible outcomes based on your current situation, action and direction. You are always in full control of your future.
My readings are for guidance only; your decision to act upon any advice given in my readings is your responsibility and is based on your free will.

In accordance with the law, when you order this product you are confirming that you understand this product is for entertainment purposes only. This is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally recognised professional services.

Code Of Ethics
  • I am open-minded and non-judgemental and treat all my clients with courtesy and respect.
  • I am honest about my readings. If I feel I can’t help you with something, I will suggest an alternative course of action.
  • I really want to help you with your situation so my readings try to contain practical advice as well as guidance.
  • I cannot answer questions relating to financial, legal or health (including pregnancy) matters, as I am not a financial advisor, lawyer, or doctor.
  • I don’t read for clients under 18.
  • I do not undertake readings for third parties, such as clients’ family, friends or acquaintances as I class this as an invasion of their privacy.
  • All the readings are carried out by me personally – you won’t find any computer-generated readings here.
  • I am happy to provide feedback after your reading for clarification purposes.